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Assessment centre

The final part of the application journey is the assessment centre which has been designed specifically for us at BT. If you’ve made it this far, well done! We can tell you, you’ve faced some tough competition so making it to the Assessment Centre is a true testament to how well you’ve done. We’re really proud of the candidate experience at our assessment centres and last year 98.8% of our candidates who had also attended other assessment centres, rated the BT experience as more positive than others (and we saw around 650 candidates at our assessment centres last year!)

Assessment centre 

We’ll explore what you can do, what you’re passionate about doing, and your long-term potential. You’ll also get a better idea of what life is like with us. You’ll meet some of our managers, our current grads and we’re all really friendly! By the end we should both be able to decide whether we’re right for each other.

You can expect to take part in a group exercise, an interview, some micro-assessments, which are mini sessions which assess specific strengths, and for our technical programmes we are really excited to be one of the first organisations in the world using virtual reality as part of the selection process. So not only will you have an interview and some of the other exercises, you’ll also be assessed in some VR environments. It’s pretty cool!

VR in assessment centre 

It’s really important that you prepare for your Assessment Centre. There’s all the usual stuff: read all the documents we’ve sent you, refresh your memory of your previous work experience and get someone to do some interview practice with you, so you’re confident and ready to tell us all about yourself. Check out the website one last time and make sure you know what it is about BT that makes you want to join us.

And our top tips for acing it? Try and do whatever you can to combat your nerves. We want to see the real you and when you’re nervous we know you’re not able to really let yourself shine. Get plenty of sleep the night before, make sure you’ve got your travel well planned and maybe add in a couple of extra alarms. Just in case. And get stuck in! If you throw yourself into the tasks (and have a chat with the other candidates in between) you’ll find yourself relaxing more and showing the real you. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we want to see your personality! And finally, don’t panic if you think you’ve made a mistake. No one’s perfect and that’s not what we’re expecting so don’t let it throw you off for the rest of the day.

We'll contact you a few days after your assessment to tell you whether or not you’ll be offered a role. You will also receive your personal strengths report following your assessment centre. 

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