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“I couldn't wrap my mind around the infinite possibilities available.”Fignole
Product Management Scheme

Your first day at BT: On my first day, I was very excited to be joining an innovative company and about to work on a project that was on the cutting edge of technology. I was also nervous because I had never worked for a massive global company like BT. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the infinite possibilities available. When I reflect on that day, I think of all the amazing people that I have gotten to know since then. I have grown so much and taken on responsibilities that have taught me a lot professionally and personally.

Your first year at BT: In my first year at BT, I have loved how helpful people have been in explaining unfamiliar tasks. I also have become more aware of the different nuances of the digital and the telecoms industry.

How I got here: I have always been interested in technology and how it impacts the way we live. While I was doing my MA in International Political Economy, I looked for graduate roles that would allow me to explore that further. The BT graduate scheme stood out to me in that BT as a company is committed to R&D around new technology and has an extensive global footprint. I specifically wanted to work in Global Services in order to experience how the technology that we sell operates in and impacts different contexts.

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