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"Something that I didn't appreciate when I joined was how valued I would be."Karina
Business Analysis and Improvement Scheme

Your first day at BT: Like most people, I was pretty nervous on my first day! I guess there are just so many unknowns when you first start from where you sit, who is in your team and what your manager is expecting you to do. However, in reality there is absolutely no reason to be nervous; everyone is so welcoming and helpful! Your first day is more than likely to be meeting your team, learning where you sit within your team and more information about your role. I had never worked in the telecommunications industry before and thought I was going to be overwhelmed with techy words and processes – but no one makes any presumption that you know everything already so they will explain everything to you!

Your first year at BT: During my first year I have worked on a range of projects and have gotten involved with different work-streams which I have loved. It has given me the opportunity to meet people from across the business, learn more about BT and has really challenged me. I would definitely recommend making sure you get involved in Graduate Events whether that is Gradventure, the ski trip or even helping at assessment centres – it is a great way to meet other graduates! Something that I didn’t appreciate when I joined was how valued I would be; BT is an ever evolving company and is looking for people to question the status quo which as a graduate with fresh ideas they love – so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

How I got here: I applied for the Business Management Graduate scheme and after attending my assessment centre I was recruited into Revenue Assurance. I hadn’t worked in the telecommunications industry before this so this role felt very out of my comfort zone! However, this last year has been great due to all of the opportunity I have has such as leading a team project, presenting to Group Revenue Assurance at a yearly meeting and running another assurance project. It has been a busy, enjoyable and challenging year and I feel like I have really made a difference since joining which any graduate has the opportunity to!

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