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“I've become more confident and now realised that my opinion is counted.”Kyle
Project Management Scheme

Your first day at BT: Anxious but really excited to get started. My first day/week was very relaxed and I shouldn’t have worried.

Your first year at BT: I’ve really been energised to find out as much about my Line of Business as I can and working on building my network and personal brand. I’ve become more confident and how realised that my opinion is counted. The first year flies by so fast so try to get involved in as much as you can. I’ve loved being part of GradVenture and working within Global teams who do an amazing job every day. Looking around and seeing the changes you can make through your contributions is phenomenal.

How I got here: I was placed into Service Assurance on my first rotation whilst the others stayed within Service Delivery. On my second rotation I was able to have a conversation with my manager about the exposure I was looking to gain and was able to use my second rotation to get more technical knowledge and use my analytical skills. I’m now working on a more customer focussed role so I can see how BT interact with the customer.

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