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“I have become more confident and my
technical skills have vastly improved.”
Network Scheme

Your first day at BT: First days are always the most nervous ones, coming into a company as big as BT and being shown to your building, team and desk can be a daunting experience. I had a face to face meeting with my manager on the first day and he immediately set out a two month plan on integrating me into the team. I also met my now to be mentor, who got me in involved with server virtualisation (VMware). So my first day was very eventful indeed.

Reflecting back on it now I’d say it was a exciting and nerve racking at the same time.

Your first year at BT: Think my first year at BT was interesting, I moved into another team which was good to help kick start my career in server and network virtualisation. My most enjoyable moment of the first year had to be the leadership Launchpad event, it was challenging, fun and most importantly an understanding of how you deal with leading teams and how you can improve as an individual.

I have changed as a person and professional. I have become more confident and my technical skills have vastly improved. I also learnt the importance of building a network of people, boosting your profile as well as taking part as much as you can - you can get a great deal from volunteering.

How I got here: I can't remember a time when I wasn’t interested in technology, probably from a very young age I had a passion for computers. This ultimately led me to pursue a career in IT. I have studied IT at every level academically and worked as an IT intern before joining BT.

After graduating from my bachelor's degree in Business Computing I applied to work for BT TSO because after researching the business I was excited about the future and where the technology was going. I haven't looked back. BT TSO is full technical specialists that are always willing to help you.

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