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“I've changed in becoming more commercially
aware of business operations.”
Commercial Management

Your first day at BT: I was excited and ready to get stuck in. I was really looking forward to meeting new people and knowing that they were at the same stage in their careers as myself made this a less daunting experience.

My first day in reality lived up to expectations of excitement – I was sent to Amsterdam for a roadshow!

Reflecting on it now, it seems so long ago as I feel I’ve learnt so much and come a long way since then.

Your first year at BT: My first year at BT has been one big learning experience. This learning experience is all encompassing it doesn’t necessarily have to be about hard business skills learnt through a text-book. Simple conversations with individuals and developing people skills are as equally important. I’ve changed in becoming more commercially aware of business operations, which is helping me massively in my new role. On reflection of my last year, I’ve learned to drop the hesitation to ask to get involved – the answer is usually always yes and the only person stopping you from getting involved is yourself!

How I got here: I always assumed I’d take the path of joining the public sector and following down the civil service route, being a History and Politics grad. It wasn’t until faced with the option of that or BT did I decide to opt for BT. this had gone against everything I planned for at University, that being the former. I chose BT as I recognised a lack of skill-set in business acumen, commercial and financial skill and overall understanding of the corporate world and I wanted to fill this gap. This is certainly a gap I’ve begun filling now that I’ve joined BT and I hope for it to fill further as my years here increase.

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