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Client service management

This role is right at the centre of delivering high profile projects; projects which will help us to provide world-class customer service.

You could be involved in complex transition and transformation activities, improving service design, delivering new services to a customer and process transformation or providing customers with in-life customer service support.

And your team could be based anywhere in the world.

Throughout your rotations you will take on many new skills but you won't be stuck in a classroom to learn them. You will be coached and mentored. With a mix of Face to Face training, Financial and Commercial Awareness training and learning how to communicate the BT way, there are lots of ways to develop in this role.

And did we mention that you might get to meet your team as part of your rotations? You know, the ones that are based anywhere in the world!

The entry requirements for this scheme are 2:1, or 2:2 with a post graduate qualification. The starting salary is £28,250.

The locations for this scheme are Hatfield and Leeds. Some locations are more popular than others so if you’re invited to assessment centre and your preference is no longer available, we'll talk you through the other options.

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