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Our Everyday Openreach Heroes

Our Everyday Openreach Heroes

Think all heroes wear capes? Think again. Here at BT, our employees are nothing if not extraordinary. When it comes to astonishing powers and heroic deeds, you’d be surprised at some of the remarkable feats our very own staff are capable of. Here are just a few stories of how our everyday employees have gone above and beyond to make the world around them that little bit better…

1. Neil Corse – aka ‘The Lifesaver’

Neil may appear to be your average Openreach engineer - but take a closer look and you’ll find he’s actually a life-saving blood biker! When Neil isn’t maintaining power supplies and providing broadband to the area of Kent - he’s whizzing around on his motorcycle, racing to make life-saving emergency blood deliveries to those in need. We salute you, Neil!

Neil Corse 

2. Garon Willis – aka ‘The Rescuer’

Since 2010, Garon has been a fully-fledged member of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team in Tavistock. Openreach’s support for volunteering means Garon is able to easily balance work with helping to save lives. The work Garon does gives him a rewarding chance to reunite vulnerable people with their loved ones – and has even seen him flying helicopters! All in a days work, Garon!

Garon Willis - The Rescuer 

3. Greg Atkinson – aka ‘The Guardian Angel’

Our next hero, Greg Atkinson, earned himself his angelic nickname by rushing to the aid of an unconscious BT customer –whilst on shift! Greg immediately called an ambulance and helped give crucial first aid to Alan Williams, after discovering him lying motionless in the hallway of his Liverpool home with head injuries. Thankfully, Alan made a full recovery and he and his family have praised Greg’s heroic actions. Quick thinking at its finest! Well played, Greg.

Greg Atkinson - The Guardian Angel

4. James Sheen – aka ‘The Model Citizen’

Engineer James, was going to his first job of the day in Glynneath, South Wales, when a car sped past him and crashed into a van. Without a thought for his own safety – James ran to the aid of a trapped passenger, rescuing him from the wreckage. He then made an incredibly brave citizen’s arrest, fearlessly apprehending the driver who caused the crash in a stolen vehicle. Incredible stuff, James!

James Sheen - The Model Citizen 

5. Dan Chissell – aka ‘Fireman Dan’

Our final hero of the hour is Dan, one of our talented field engineers. He was working close to an 86-year-old woman’s bungalow in Broadstone, Dorset, when he saw smoke billowing out of the windows. Dan acted quickly, immediately calling 999 and rushing to help the woman’s son, lifting her from the burning building and even constructing a make shift stretcher for her! Whilst Dan insists this was a case of “the right place at the right time” – we believe he showed incredible bravery and selflessness.

 Dan Chissell - Fireman Dan

At BT Openreach, we appreciate all heroes - especially the ones who all too often remain unsung. We actively support volunteer schemes and encourage our staff to contribute and give something back to their local community. To learn more about how a career at BT Openreach is more than just a day job – click here and for more BT Heroes stories check out #BTHeroes on our @btcareers Facebook page and @btcareers Twitter page.