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Wholesale & Ventures

We are committed to bringing innovation and transformation to our market, delivering for our customers, contributing to the communities we work in and generating profitable revenue growth for BT.


Our wholesale operation provides services to more than 1,400 communications providers (CPs). We help them achieve their goals by offering them innovative, reliable and cost-effective products and services that complement their own capabilities. This means that we can share in their success.

The market for wholesale services is shrinking as some CPs are building more of their own network infrastructure. It is also highly competitive. But the market for next-generation services, including Ethernet, is expanding.

We have sought to stand out from the competition by providing new services and a better customer experience. Our people have extended our Hosted Communications Services portfolio and expanded our Ethernet network. And we launched Business Zone – a self-service portal through which CPs can manage their orders and any faults.

For more specific information on wholesale products and services, go to the BT Wholesale website.

Venture businesses

Our standalone ventures teams are key components of BT’s overall business. We've got a broad and deep range of products and services as well as a wealth of experience in delivering them to customers.

Amongst our portfolio are the following businesses Redcare, BT Cables, Directory solutions, BT’s Phone Book, Payphones, tikit, and BT Supply Chain.

We also provide essential voice services to UK customers via 999, 118 500 and Next Generation Text Service helping those that can’t hear or speak on a phone